A few words about losing weight

I will tell you the most effective and efficient way to lose weight

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Diet pancakes

Nov 12

Banana pancakes pp is a great pp breakfast, especially if you decide to refuel with carbohydrates in the morning

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Nov 11

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It's a strategy! How to lose weight once and for all

Why don't diets work or work as promised, and people can go to the gym for years, but their figures do not change? Our heroine Julia knows how to lose weight correctly and for a long time, and is ready to reveal all the secrets to you. Just read carefully! For a year now, I have not gained weight again after another weight loss to the sea. All this time I eat my favorite food after 18:00 and sometimes after 23:00, I eat a lot. But I don't get fat anymore like I used to!

My clients that I have reached out to have stopped dieting and jumping cardio a week before the holidays, and have chosen the right weight loss strategy, as they aim to lose weight forever. They are no longer upset that they are slowly losing weight (2 kg per month), they are happy that they have received an inoculation of the truth from endless advertising about quick results for life!

If you are currently on another diet, then go make yourself a bigger sandwich and come back to finish reading this article! Let's talk about how to lose weight once and for all. Or at least structure everything you need to know about it. Lose weight permanently with a calorie deficit To begin with, let's figure out how the process of losing weight occurs? So, in order to lose weight, whether slowly or quickly, we need to form a calorie deficit. That is, you need to spend more calories than you get. There are two ways to create a calorie deficit: food and exercise. There is also a 3rd one that complements food and fitness and is not a separate option to lose weight quickly and permanently: extra-workout activity (your favorite 10,000 steps).

How to lose weight: calorie deficit

That is, you can cut food to the required deficit and start losing weight without going to the gym. Or you can eat chocolates and work out in the gym more than was eaten. And in fact, and in another case, you will lose weight, another thing is that it will not necessarily be fast and correct.

And what exactly you will lose weight, waist or buttocks, is unknown. The result is not predictable. In both cases. But what to do and what to do to lose weight forever and keep the weight off? Unfortunately, this is not written in the recommendations for any diet. As the saying goes: “When you lose weight, you realize that you weren’t loved not because you were fat, but because you were a fool!” In this joke, I found a deep meaning associated with the process of losing weight and the state to which you come as a result.

Lose Weight Forever: Diet or Lifestyle?

So where to start? First of all, choose a weight loss strategy for yourself by defining your goals. If you want to be in a resort in a month and, with your stomach sucked in, take a couple of beautiful pictures for Instagram or conquer the man of your dreams, then you can risk all your health, because it costs you nothing while you have it! Fast weight loss is just for you! Get ready for some serious stress for the body! Get on the "Dukan" - and in a month you will pour out 4-5 kg ​​of water, 2-3 kg of fat and muscle mixed. Just keep in mind that, as a rule, we have to choose what we want: to lose weight correctly and permanently, or to lose weight quickly?

If you are ripe to lose weight once and for all, then let's figure out together why this strategy is correct and what result you will come to.

Calorie deficit options to help you lose weight permanently Let's start with food. Any diet from the Internet is a huge calorie deficit, cutting food from your usual 2300-2500 to 1000 kcal per day. Food by itself is of little importance. The point of any diet is to create a maximum deficit. Accordingly, the greater the deficit, the faster the process of losing weight.


But a large deficit is, first of all, a violation of the hormonal background and a high risk of breakdowns, so it is unlikely that you will be able to lose weight forever.

n a long-term weight loss strategy, the calorie deficit should be small - 200, maximum 400 kcal per day. Never lower your daily calorie intake to less than 1500 kcal! This is the lowest healthy limit for a woman over 16 years of age.

With a small calorie deficit and proper work in the gym, you begin to lose weight precisely due to subcutaneous fat. The optimal weight loss formula is 3 weeks of deficiency, then 3 weeks of retention. That is, for the first 3 weeks you eat 200 - 400 kcal less than your daily allowance, then for 3 weeks you eat the daily allowance. But don't exceed it! It is important. Lost a couple of kilos. Then a new circle: deficit - retention. And so on until you get the numbers you want.

Since the body in this case does not experience excessive stress, we get a chance to lose weight once and for all and keep this weight in the future. I do not recommend sitting on a deficit without deduction, as disruptions are possible that demotivate you to do this important thing, which will definitely turn your life around 180 degrees. How to calculate your calorie intake to lose weight correctly? Each one is individual. And when it comes to a deficit of 200 kcal, it is important not to make a mistake with the norm. In this regard, nutritionists and nutritionists have formulas based on your measurements. But if it is not possible to pass such testing, then the easiest way is to listen to your body through observations. Try to eat 3 times a day clean food for several days (cereals, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and 20 g of butter and vegetable oil in half) and observe changes in weight, and also count the amount of food.

It is very difficult to overeat with such a food basket if you do not add sugar and delicious sauce or start frying everything. After counting the daily calorie intake for 1-2 weeks and observing the weight, which is unlikely to change for the worse, you will calculate your daily rate. These data will be exactly your body, which is very important in order to lose weight correctly and for a long time!

Then you will take 200 - 400 kcal from this norm to create a deficit. What's more, 200 is better than 300 or 400!

What to eat to lose weight?

All the informational chaos about how to eat this to lose weight, and how to wave your leg so that your fifth point is rounded is nothing more than the content of phytonies for the same phytonies who have a lot of free time to run around the shops and look for themselves chia seeds for lunch. But this is too intricate way to lose weight easily and correctly.


Ordinary people who work 8 or more hours, raise children, deal with other important issues, simply do not have the time and opportunity to lead such a lifestyle. Carrying a container of food with you to work is cool, ordering ready-made food with normal KBJU is very convenient. But the most important thing in the matter of competent weight loss is that you do not get tired of these containers in a couple of weeks, and you would not give up an important undertaking. If you're used to chatting with co-workers at lunchtime in your favorite dining room, indulge yourself in this pleasure! Now you can find everything everywhere. The main thing is to be able to choose!

Remember that the most important principle of effective weight loss once and for all - you should be comfortable. You don't have to feel like an outcast choking on lentils in the kitchen when everyone else is out for lunch.

Diet to lose weight permanently

How do you plan your diet anyway? In the process of losing weight, only the calorie deficit matters, not your diet (for a healthy person)! You can eat chocolate and burgers and still lose weight. But if you replace delicious high-calorie food with “correct” food (we are not talking about low-calorie), saturation occurs much faster, and the diet is more comfortable, and you lose weight faster, and weight is kept easier. And the right food is the one that feeds your muscles, which has all the nutrients you need, which does not lead you to breakdowns on the way to the coveted “lose weight forever” and helps to start the acceleration of metabolic processes.


The nutrients themselves are very important for the restoration of the "hormone". For a person with hormonal disorders, the help of a nutrition specialist is needed. Without such a consultation, it may not be possible to lose weight for a long time and maintain the achieved weight.

If you are a relatively healthy person, you can balance your diet on your own. Do not complicate this process for yourself, otherwise you will quit the process of losing weight without achieving a result! The fact that you will be counting calories for a while is already very emotionally complex. Start simple if it is not possible to draw up a menu from a specialist. Keep the balance in carbohydrates at 70% complex and 30% fast. Protein at the rate of 1-1.5 g per kilogram of your weight (varies depending on the volume of your training) and fat is a minimum amount. But do not abuse with low-fat foods, you definitely need fats too! 5% cottage cheese is great for fat content, it is quite within the rules of effective weight loss for a long time.

Change the ratio of Keto according to different formulas and observe yourself when you better tolerate a deficit of 200 kcal and when you lose weight.